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Our services

What we love to do

The HANOA ( Haitian American Nursing Organization & Allied ) a 501-C3 non-profit company was established in 2010 to provide nurses the opportunity to unite as a group, to share and provide ideas of interest, and to become effectively involved with the issues and services relevant to the health and welfare of communities in Florida.H.A.N.O.A. fosters awareness and commitment to providing excellent nursing services. Additionally, the organization strives to increase the enrollment of Haitian nursing students through education and mentoring opportunities, as well as, creating community-networking opportunities for its members. H.A.N.O.A continues to provide scholarships for students enrolled in nursing schools in Florida and Haiti. H.A.N.O.A provides health education on high blood pressure, diabetic management, immunization drives, educational programs on HIV/AIDS, as well as other health concerns.

Our Support

After the earthquake that devestated Haiti our team came together with fervent efforts to help provide the medical assistance needed; this is What HANOA is all about supporting others.

Health Focus

The local medical problems still continue and we have the means to build up the people, with the help of those who seek prosperity and healthy liviing of the haitian community to stand strong.

Big Picture

The values of HANOA of FLA, Inc., encompasses accountability, integrity, responsibility, credibility, respect, professionalism, stewardship, transparency, and business ventures.

Team Development

Our purpose truly has the people in mind as well as at heart with programs to allow you as the people the opportunity to be apart of something great for the community with a team that cares.

To accomplish a goal we start with a plan.

The vision of this organization is to support the development of Haitian American nurses to their fullest potential, and facilitates their contributions to health and well-being for all through nursing care, collegiality, education, collaboration, management, entrepreneurship, ownership, business ventures, and research.


We take the temperature of the community by frequent trips to areas within Florida to survey the needs of neighborhoods.


Through our analysis we put together the needed documentation to address our sponsors and affiliates to work out a plan.


Once our plan is set in motion we get to work and put the strategy in motion to make great strides in the community.


After a project is complete we record it as well as take notes and look for ways to improve what we created in the neighborhoods.


We test our community projects differently in each area of need to be able to give the best experience in major events


Our delivery is premium through our process of developing a product that has a level of excellence we stand by.

Our Gallery

What we have done so far

HANOA offers you as a valued member or sponsor the ability to donate to our organization to advance the efforts of the nursing and medical industry to the Hatian American People. Through pay-pal you can pledge the dollar amount of your choice. Any donation amount is tax deductible also for certain brackets of donation levels awards are presented to high volume contributors.

The contribution of you as a member is not only noted but marked in a comemorative album for being apart of The HANOA. We are elated at thought of you becoming a member and bringing your ideas and input to out team. The Founders want you and we know that as apart of HANOA you will bring your best effort!

Do you want to get involved

Become a member of our organization today and start helping your community on a whole new level! HANOA a 501-C3 non-profit company takes great pride in the ability to help the Haitian community in it's needs and thank you for your generous donations.

We are proud of these numbers

Our organization is here to initiate and nurture development networks at the state and national levels. With this in mind we are elated to be able to provide these types of stats to our community.

1600 Happy clients
3200 Completed projects
40 Awards
20 000 People Served
About Us

Who we are

The name of the organization is the Haitian American Nurses Organization and Allies of Florida, Inc., hereafter known as HANOA of FLA, Inc. It is a not-for-profit corporation incorporated in the state of Florida. Our PURPOSE is to provide members with a learning experience that promote Evidence-based-nursing practices so they may become self-reliant professional nurses, alone and as a member of the organization. Provide an organizational structure and establish mechanisms to acquire, allocate, disburse, and manage development resources. Plan, implement and evaluate these mechanisms. Initiate and nurture development networks at the state and national levels. Maintain diversity in the organization foundation.

On time projects

We deliver timely events that flow with what is actually happening in the communities. Our organization has a true heart for the people and seeing them prosper.

Full support

Our team memebers come from the type of background that allows us to give the support needed by the people to get a health centric approach to benefit everyone!

Professional experience

Our Doctors and Nurses give organizations that are affiliates and sponsors the true nature of customer service and professional help through a diverse team.

Communicative team

Our board is a hand picked team that is able to work together in a wonderful standing point enabling them to showcase an awesome approach to HANOA.

The team

Our Executive Board is a combination of elie medical professionals & awesome business individuals working for one common goal.



Our team has amazing skill sets and has a proven record of excellence in making major movements in the community.






Community Service



Our Affiliates

Who lovees to work with us

We work with some amazing organizations who provide some great services for our organzaition as a whole. We are proud to be represented by these businesses.

HANOA is the best organization in Palm Beach County hands down.

Albert M.

I have been amazed with the work HANOA is doing. They are everywhere and keep helping others.

Walt K.

Me and my wife just see HANOA as the organization to be apart of to really help our community.

Allen C.
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Where you can find us

As a 501-C3 non-profit we appreciate all the contributions we recieve and these monetary gifts are tax deductible. We aim to help those who seek prosperity and healthy liviing of the haitian community to stand strong.

Our adress

2051 SW Newport Isles Blvd. P.S.L, FL 34953

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We look forward to hearing from you soon and have an amazing day!!!